Welcome to the Elementary Schools Computer Education Lab. My goal is to introduce students to as many different 21st Century computer skills and applications as possible through integrating technology into the classroom curriculum. Through integration, students will develop a base line of what they can do and create, using the computer and the World Wide Web.  All grade levels discuss Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

This site covers topics for 6th Grade Music Theory and Instrument Families as well as 8th Grade Music Theory and Music Business.

FACS 6,7,8 teaches students Nutrition, Cooking, Caring for Children, Laundry Care and Beginner Sewing Skills. Welcome to my moodle page! Check the FACS moodle page for assignments, recipes, web links and more. Have a question? E-mail me at mmmyers@wyasd.k12.pa.us

Welcome to Mrs. Siple's 6th Grade Music class website. This site will cover the following information: keyboard and Instrumental Families.

Welcome to Mrs. Siple's 7th Grade Music class website. This site will cover the following topics: Voice, Operas, Musicals, and Keyboard.

This site is designed to keep students abreast of art assignments in the middle school.