CPM Foundations for Algebra, Year 1

6th grade math

Pre-Algebra is taught in seventh grade using the College Preparatory Math text Foundations of Algebra Year 2.  Math class is comprised of a double period.  During that time, students review homework, complete class work, receive instruction, practice skills, complete remediation and take notes.  All of the classes contain students from both the Pegasus and Phoenix team.  Periods (1,2) and (7,8) are enriched.   

Welcome to Mrs. Snyder's math class. This page and associated links are designed to provide viewers with updates, information, resources, and news for 6th grade math in room 121.

Welcome to Algebra with Ms Gallup!  In this course, you will be exposed to a powerful set of mathematical tools called algebra.  As a set of tools, algebra is the foundation of higher mathematics.  In fact, future courses will build from what you learn here.  My goal as your teacher is to help you stay on track as you do your daily assignments and also help you summarize the different topics of the lesson.  Sometimes, it is necessary for me to do a brief lecture or lead a class discussion, but for the most part, you will be working within a study team to solve algebraic problems.  Expect me to ask leading questions that will help you answer your own questions.  You will become a better, more confident learner in math when you are able to ask and answer your own questions.

Welcome to Mr. Whitesel's and Ms. Maul's Math class.  Here you will find Review Sheets to Quizzes and the CPM website for Homework Help.  smile


This site supports PA Core topics on the 7th grade level.